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My Daily Self Care Journal - Reflection & Gratitude Notebook

My Daily Self Care Journal - Reflection & Gratitude Notebook

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Self-care is essential to our life. But with everything that needs to be done, we rarely allocate enough time to support our well-being. This self-care journal is designed to help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine and make it a lasting habit.
This journal offers convenient daily trackers to measure your sleep hours, step count, supplement and water intake, daily meals, physical activity, and more. This way, you can identify opportunities to enhance your position.

Each day includes an evening reflection page to help you become more aware of your feelings and emotions and how that plays into your mental and physical well-being.

Backed by scientific research, our journal offers six months of daily journaling with thoughtful activities - weekly challenges, gratitude, daily highlights, daily affirmations, and quotes of self-reflection and inspiration.

Easy to use – all you need is 5 minutes morning and night. We recommend that you write down what you are grateful for first thing in the morning and reflect on the good things that happened throughout the day.

Emotional Benefits – Practicing gratitude is known to impact our emotional and mental health in positive ways. Scientific research shows it makes us happier and more optimistic, increases mental health, enhances positive mood, increases self-esteem, improves sleep and reduces symptoms of depression.

Social and personal benefits – Research shows it makes people like you more, improves our romantic relationships and friendships, increases social support, and strengthens family bonds during stressful times. Benefits of personality include making us more dedicated, less impatient, and improve decision-making.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Our journals are the perfect gift for the people in your life that you care about. Is your loved one struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression? This is a great gift to help them get on the right track.

Cover material: imitation leather
Text material: Dowling paper
Size: 147*211mm

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